Hello World!

3 Jun 2017

I think this is now my third attempt to start a blog and I really hope that I will manage to write posts at least a few times a year. Chances are good as I am just graduating from my current school (a technical high school) and I have a little bit more time now.

Along with the effort to finally start my blog, I have also completely rewritten my website. Instead of using a CMS or blogging software like Ghost, the page and the blog are being generated by a static site generator called Middleman. (It is really a pleasure to work with it, so go and check it out if you are interested.) There will perhaps be a blog post on why I choose a static site generator.

I do not have a fixed plan on the specific contents of the blog, I will just write about anything that comes to my mind and seems important to me. Most often it will be technical stuff focusing on software development and computer science in general.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the posts and find something interesting here. In case of any questions, remarks or comments feel always to contact me via Email or Twitter.