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This is the web page of Markus Klein. I am a 19 year old coder/developer and currently studying computer science (software and information engineering) at the Technical University of Vienna and work as research assistant at the Practical Robotics Institute Austria. In my spare time, I enjoy coding, traveling the world, climbing, hiking and sking.



Educational Robotics Controller

Robotics Web TypeScript Angular NodeJS

Der Naschmarkt

File Sharing Platform

File-Sharing Web PHP Laravel


Java for the KIPR Link

Robotics Java C/C++

Visit my Github account for many more open source projects of mine.

Recent blog posts

Automatic Deployment of Middleman Applications 15 Sep 2017

As I have already mentioned in the introductory post, my website and its blog is not dynamic webpage powered by a traditional blogging software or any other kind of backend software. Instead, I decided to use the static site generator called Middleman

Hello World! 3 Jun 2017

I think this is now my third attempt to start a blog and I really hope that I will manage to write posts at least a few times a year. Chances are good as I am just graduating from my current school (a technical high school) and I have a little bit...


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